YAMATO JAPAN AUTO Ltd. is a major supplier of used tires, used engines, new tires and other auto parts directly from Japan. Established in 1992, we are dedicated in providing customer support to our valuable customers all over the world. YAMATO JAPAN AUTO Ltd is mainly used tires, used engines, used cars & trucks, used transmission, used forklift dealer and a specialist in exporting the best Japanese auto parts from Japan. We can boost of our quality products supplied to our customers around the world over the past years since creation. We have continually created more relationship with local Japanese suppliers which has boosted our availability rate. With this high connection network in the Japanese market, we are always 98% or why not 100% sure to get our customer’s order in time for due shipment. We have been contributing to the development of an environmental friendly society with the refuse of automobiles, and Japanese used auto parts, tires, bicycles and engines. Over the past years to date, we trade several kinds of auto related products from small parts to heavy-duty trucks with our worldwide network. We are expanding aggressively in foreign markets of Africa, Asia, Russia and Latin American countries.

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